LIFETAG Medical ID Kids Pack

Kids are the hardest to please when it comes to wearing medical identification.

Kids love to use the stickers, zipper pull, LIFETAG card and LIFETAGS to stick wherever they like. Stop fighting with them and give them something they’re willing to wear.

Each kit contains: 1 LIFETAG Wallet Card, 1 LIFETAG Zipper Pull, 5 LIFETAG Stickers, 2 Brass LIFETAGS and 1 tube of strong adhesive.

Note - Certain items in the adult pack are only available in the following medical conditions:

Zipper Pull - Coumadin, Alert, Allergic, Diabetes, and Penicillin only

Stickers - Diabetes and Alert only

372728$38.95, 2/$60.00Stick Ons:  Stickers:  Zipper Pull:  Wallet Card: 

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